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City Council:

1) Do NOT allow ADUs on lots split under SB 9 AND create a working group with real neighborhood representation to develop an SB 9 interim ordinance.
2) Do NOT implement SB 10.
3) Keep existing R-1 density.
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SB 10 Gentrification Bill Unconstitutional: AHF files lawsuit Lawsuit

What’s at Stake:

SB 9 allows any single family lot to be spit into two lots and two units built on each of these lots. The state has already mandated that up to two Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) can be built on any residential lot, so that would mean a total of 8 units could replace one single family house. There remains some question about whether State ADU law does apply or whether cities might have some discretion in allowing the addition ADUs.

SB 10 allows cities to pass an ordinance with a majority vote of the city council to allow up to 14 units on what is now one single family lot.

Both SB 9 and SB 10 eliminate onsite parking requirements and cut out public input into land use decisions.

Help Save Our Neighborhoods

Sacramento residents are opposing the draft 2040 General Plan proposals that will eliminate single family neighborhoods in Sacramento. And we are seeking to lessen the harmful impacts of SB 9 & SB 10.
These proposals are harmful to neighborhoods and do NOT provide affordable housing NOR do they ensure that ALL Sacramento neighborhoods have save streets, good schools, parks, trees and other quality of life amenities.
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Save Sacramento Neighborhoods endorses Californians for Community Planning Initiative.

State overreach into Local Land Use Decisions

Several bills have gone through the CA Legislature this year that push high residential density on cities and counties without any say by those affected.

Two statewide groups trying to protect neighborhoods and local input into land use decisions are Livable California and United Neighbors. Please consider joining and supporting these organizations.

Smart Densification:
We need affordable housing and smart densification that is well planned, does not overload already overburdened infrastructure, that makes good use of underutilized commercial spaces and does not weaken the fabric of Sacramento’s many and diverse existing single family neighborhoods.

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