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Now that California has enacted SB 9 and SB 10 that seek even higher densities* in existing single family neighborhoods than the General Plan, we need to send a new message to the City Council, see below.

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Update: The petition initiated by Save Sacramento Neighborhoods in March is now closed. Over 560 signatures were sent to the Sacramento City Council and many people sent their own messages asking the City Council NOT to densify existing single family neighborhoods.

*On what is now one single family lot, the draft Sacramento General Plan would allow up to 6 units, SB 9 up to 8 units and SB 10 up to 14 units.

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Message to the Sacramento Mayor and City Council

I was very disappointed that the California Legislature passed SB 9 and SB 10 in an attempt to eliminate single family zoning and neighborhoods statewide. These bills will densify and negatively impact existing neighborhoods without providing any affordable housing.

As my City Council representative, I am asking that you initiate the necessary action to ensure that Sacramento:

1)  Immediately create a working group to develop an emergency/interim ordinance to implement SB 9 that includes neighborhood associations including Save Sacramento Neighborhoods. This ordinance must: include objective design standards that mitigate impacts on neighborhoods from the densification of SB 9 and NOT allow Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)  if a lot is split under SB 9. (This means that a maximum of 4 units could be created under SB 9, NOT 8 units.)

2) Does not implement SB 10, a bill that permits cities to allow up to 14 units on what is now one single family lot.

3) Does not exceed current R-1 densities (corner duplexes and two ADUs per lot). These densities already provide for an adequate range of housing types in existing single family neighborhoods.

I strongly support single family zoning and neighborhoods. As you are aware, single family neighborhoods are preferred by many homeowners and renters and people of all economic and racial groups. Sacramento needs to preserve its existing single family neighborhoods, promote affordable housing and assure that all neighborhoods are desirable places to live with good amenities.

Eliminating single family neighborhoods will reduce yard space that includes mature trees and vegetation. It will also impact already overtaxed infrastructure including sewer, water, and streets already congested with parked cars. Onsite parking should be required for any additional units.

Please respond to this message and let me know what action you will be taking to initiate the actions detailed above.

Thank you.